The economic studies aim to provide the reader with a macroeconomic overview. They also list the key sectors that offer important opportunities for our Belgian export companies.
  • Economic study Angola (September 2013)

    A "diamond in the rough", that is perhaps the best way to describe Angola. After all, the country has a wealth of natural resources, which must be exploited in a sustainable manner.

    Beyond its petroleum and mining resources, the specific geographic and topographical situation provides a thriving primary sector, both at the level of fishing and agriculture and in terms of natural energy resource capacity.

    The country has shown remarkable economic growth over the last ten years, making it the third largest economy in Africa today.

    The economic mission to Angola will mainly highlight three of the most dynamic sectors: energy, infrastructure and construction, as well as the diamond sector.

    This study was realised in September 2013, in the context of the Belgian economic missions to Angola and South Africa.

    Document only available in French and Dutch.

  • Economic study Argentina (June 2018)

    Argentina is still the 21st economic power in the world despite the difficulties of the past decade. Despite sudden spikes and the long-term macroeconomic outlook appears to be under control and Argentina once again is able to borrow from international markets, the potential will only really start to show. A new growth phase, based more than ever on cooperation with other countries, is therefore approaching.

    This study was realised in the context of the Belgian economic mission to Argentina & Uruguay in June 2018.

    Document only available in French and Dutch.

  • Watch the interview of HE Caroline Millar, Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Australia to the Kingdom of Belgium, on the occasion of the Belgian Economic Mission to Australia in October 2023:

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  • Economic study Australia (October 2023)

    Australia's unique position, with a time zone close to the Asian markets, is an asset for those wishing to develop their activities in the Indo-Pacific. The country is not just a regional hub, but also offers a competitive market with a population with high purchasing power. With the exception of the health crisis, the world's twelfth largest economy has enjoyed continuous growth for over thirty years. The study devotes a chapter to the natural resources and renewable energy sectors, as well as to the health sector in Australia.

    In a complex geo-economic context, Australia is seeking to diversify its partners and secure its trade with the rest of the world. As an open and prosperous economy, Australia is particularly interconnected with global value chains. Since the turn of the century, the country has pursued a proactive trade policy, concluding numerous free trade agreements with key markets in the Indo-Pacific. The expected free trade agreement between Brussels and Canberra will strengthen the opportunities offered by Australia to Belgian companies.

    The study was realised by the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency, which, with its partners the FPS Foreign Affairs, Flanders Investment & Trade, the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) and, is organising a joint economic mission to Australia from 19 to 28 October 2023, under the Presidency of HRH Princess Astrid, Representative of His Majesty the King.

    Document only available in French and Dutch. Download the Dutch version here.

  • Economic study Brazil (April 2010)

    BRIC country Brazil is experiencing significant growth and is resisting the economic and financial crisis very well. The study "Brazil" presents the macroeconomic fundamentals of this country. The key sectors that make this country an indispensable trade destination are also explained.

    This study was realised in the context of the Belgian economic mission to Brazil in May 2010.

    Document only available in French and Dutch.