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Bilateral trade sheet Angola
This sheet gives an overview of the bilateral trade relations between Angola and Belgium.

Bilateral trade note Angola (May 2023)
In addition to general information on GDP, inflation, the number of inhabitants, global imports and exports and the unemployment rate, this note contains an analysis of bilateral trade with Angola, as well as an overview of the main import and export sections.
Document only available in French.


  • Bilateral trade sheet Angola

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  • Bilateral trade note Angola (May 2023)

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Economic study Angola (September 2013)

A "diamond in the rough", that is perhaps the best way to describe Angola. After all, the country has a wealth of natural resources, which must be exploited in a sustainable manner.

Beyond its petroleum and mining resources, the specific geographic and topographical situation provides a thriving primary sector, both at the level of fishing and agriculture and in terms of natural energy resource capacity.

The country has shown remarkable economic growth over the last ten years, making it the third largest economy in Africa today.

The economic mission to Angola will mainly highlight three of the most dynamic sectors: energy, infrastructure and construction, as well as the diamond sector.

This study was realised in September 2013, in the context of the Belgian economic missions to Angola and South Africa.

Document only available in French and Dutch.

Cover Economic study Angola (September 2013)


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