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Bilateral trade sheet Canada
This sheet gives an overview of the bilateral trade relations between Canada and Belgium.

Bilateral trade note Canada (May 2021)
In addition to general information about, for example, GDP, inflation, the number of inhabitants, global imports and exports, the unemployment rate, etc., this bilateral trade note also contains an analysis of bilateral trade with Canada, as well as an overview of the main import and export sections.
Document only available in French.


  • Bilateral trade sheet Canada

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  • Bilateral trade note Canada (May 2021)

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Economic study Canada (October 2015)

As the second largest country by area, Canada offers many opportunities for exporters and foreign investors. The territory is home to an impressive amount of natural resources, an innovative economy and is rich in R&D. A large number of fields, including aerospace, biotechnology, telecommunications and digital animation, are attracting more and more international talent. The country is also considered to be one of the easiest to do business with.

Our exporters are showing an increasing interest in the west of the country. Like the movie studios of Vancouver, known as the Hollywood of the North, and the tar sands, the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia are booming. They are considered by experts to be the economic locomotives of tomorrow's Canada.

On the occasion of the Belgian Economic Mission to will be taking place in Western Canada from October 24 to 31, 2015, the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency has published this “Economic Study”. The first chapter is devoted to Canada's macroeconomic situation, while the second includes an analysis of some of the most dynamic sectors: energy (fossil and renewable), ICT, film and digital media, life sciences, aerospace and transportation.

Document only available in French and Dutch.

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