image outilFind out which distribution channel fits your company, your products, the market you target and your business strategy.

An exporter should always select the most suitable distribution channel to warrant a continuous, sustainable offer of its products and/or services. Choosing the right channel will allow the exporter to reduce the cost of his market entry and thus warrant a competitive offer. This application intends to help you identify the organizational structure that is probably most appropriate given your specific profile. It presents two basic strategies of market entry (direct and indirect exports) en six specific techniques that derive therefrom (representative office, branch, subsidiary, commercial agent, distributor and commission/undisclosed agent).

For the purpose of obtaining of clarity and simplicity, this didactic tool does not cover the entire spectrum of techniques available to an international entrepreneur (franchising, (cross) license, value added reseller, supply, (contractual) joint-venture, temporary association, broker, client finder, web shop, digital market place, auction sales, sponsorship, occasional agency, piggy back, OEM, subcontracting, …). 

Often, these alternatives indeed present themselves as variations, modalities or combinations (e.g. franchising) of the basic strategies of market entry, described in this application, in order to tackle a specific niche market (e.g. public contracting) a specific product (e.g. raw materials) or a specific service (software, projects, etc.).

This application is tablet and smartphone friendly.



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