The world changed drastically in the last months due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the biggest conflict on European soil since the end of the second World War. As a result, economic and financial sanctions are being imposed, and the rise of new protectionist measures cast a worrying shadow over the multilateral trading system.

We know sanction regimes from the past, as imposed on Saddam Hussain’s Iraq, Kolonel Ghadaffi’s Libya and less important markets as North-Korea and Myanmar. Iran is a particular case where Belgian companies constantly try to determine what is still possible and what is not. Obviously, the Russian situation spins the crown, because the country is a neighboring export market for European countries and vice versa.

Along with a focus on the sanctions regimes, we look at the existing trade barriers in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and highlight our toolbox to bring down these barriers.

What are those sanctions precisely, what is possible, how to find solutions if deliveries and payments are blocked, what is the state of play regarding trade barriers…?

Questions which arise and to which we will provide you answers to the utmost with a panel of high level and skilled people from relevant ministries and entities from the private and public sector.

The Belgian Foreign Trade Agency is pleased to invite you to this webinar on ZOOM on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022, at 10.30 am.

The webinar will be held in English, Dutch and French.



-        10h30: Opening words by Mrs Katrien Van Loocke, Legal Counsel Belgian Foreign Trade Agency

-        10h40: Mrs Pascaline della Faille, Country and sector risk manager Risk Management at Credendo export credit agency: « Fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: impact on Credendo cover policy »

-        10h55: Mr Grégory Claude, Direction générale des Analyses économiques et de l'Economie internationale Service Commerce et investissements internationaux: « trade barriers in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and toolbox to bring down barriers to trade »

-        11h15: Mr Didier De Baere, Deputy Director General of the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency and former member of the EU-Council Sanctions Committee: « Overview of sanction regimes and how to safeguard your rights in the best way, focus on Russia »

-        11h45: Closing remarks and Q&A

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