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Bilateral trade sheet Uruguay
This sheet gives an overview of the bilateral trade relations between Uruguay and Belgium.

Bilateral trade note Uruguay (June 2022)
In addition to general information about, for example, GDP, inflation, the number of inhabitants, global imports and exports, the unemployment rate, etc., this bilateral trade note also contains an analysis of bilateral trade with Uruguay, as well as an overview of the main import and export sections.
Document only available in French.


  • Bilateral trade sheet Uruguay

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  • Bilateral trade note Uruguay (June 2022)

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Economic study Uruguay (June 2018)

Uruguay is in the longest sustained period of growth in its history. This is based on a sizeable service sector and strong exports of agricultural goods. With stable macroeconomic prospects, Uruguay aspires to become a hub in Latin America. The country not only offers access to its own market, but is also a gateway to the entire Mercosur, and far beyond, thanks to its free trade zones.

This study was realised on the occasion of the Belgian economic mission to Argentina and Uruguay in June 2018.

Document only available in French and Dutch.

cover Economic study Uruguay (June 2018)


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