The Belgian Foreign Trade Agency collects, processes and disseminates statistics relating to foreign trade at national and international level

We also prepare various notes, studies and publications, including sectoral publications, economic studies and more specific studies. You can find the most recent versions in the above-mentioned sections.

Would you like to know more about:
- Belgian exports 
- Belgium's bilateral trade with a specific country 
consult the first 2 sections on top of this page.

In the following 3 sections you will find all our studies and publications:
- publications that analyse the specific characteristics of a Belgian sector that is particularly competitive in terms of foreign trade 
- macroeconomic studies and sector studies of a particular country 
- specific studies that tackle current topics related to Belgian foreign trade.

In order to comply with its mission to selectively distribute information, studies and documentation about foreign markets, the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency commits, among other things, to:

  • publishing all kind of publications (consult the 5 sections above)
  • giving legal advice on international trade (consult our Legal helpdesk section).

Over the years, the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency has acquired considerable experience in various aspects of international trade, which is reflected in its contribution to international platforms such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Customs Organization (WCO). This collaboration allows the agency to give an insight into the Belgian companies today and to confirm Belgium’s reputation as a reliable partner for the development of your international trade.

International trade often involves complex regulations and legislation. Together with the regional institutions, the Legal Department of the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency formulates answers to the most diverse questions on subjects ranging from import and export regulations, purchasing contracts and delivery terms and conditions as well as sanitary regulations and standardisation, tax obligations and payment technologies.

You can find an answer to the most frequently asked questions in the following documents and website(s):

In addition to giving legal advice, the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency also contributes to drawing up an International Sale Contract.

This user-friendly tool is a time-saver for all the parties involved in an international sales agreement. It is a flexible model that lists the specific and general terms and conditions as well as providing legal protection.

The template was developed by the International Chamber of Commerce. Please refer to their website for further details and the template document.


INCOTERMS - Choose the right Incoterm for your transaction
Consult our Legal helpdesk section for more information on Incoterms.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS - How to organise your distribution abroad?
Consult our Legal helpdesk section for more information on Distribution channels.

VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT) - Invoice an international transaction with or without VAT?
Consult our Legal helpdesk section for more information on VAT.


  • Does your organisation qualify as a small and medium sized enterprise?
    You can use the online test on the website of the European Commission to know whether your organisation qualifies as as small and medium sized enterprise.
  • Market Access Database
    On the Market Access Database of the European Commission (, you will find an overview of import duties and specific requirements (which documents should I present at customs) that apply in countries outside the European Union. This tool constitutes a most interesting starting point for the European exporter.


The colleagues of our “Studies and Statistics” department will be happy to inform you about foreign trade!