Belgian Economic Mission to Thailand from 16 to 22 March 2013

Presided over by HRH Prince Philippe

Participants brochure Thailand

Participants brochure

The participants brochure is a provisional list that is closed at a given time.
The closure is scheduled before the departure of the mission due to graphic impediments.
Participants can therefore still be added or removed. This brochure does not constitute a final nor a complete list.

  • Bilateral trade note Thailand (January 2013) (in French)

    Bilateral trade note

    The most recent version of this note is available in the Statistics - Bilateral trade notes section.

  • Import formalities and documents Thailand (January 2013) (in French)

    The study includes the legal and regulatory framework for Belgian exports.

Economic study Thailand (January 2013) (in French)

Economic study

The economic study includes macroeconomic and sectoral information and covers the country that is the destination of a Belgian Economic Mission.

Press release Thailand (in French)

Press release

The press release looks back at the Belgian Economic Mission to Thailand from 16 to 22 March 2013.