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Bilateral trade sheet New Zealand
This sheet gives an overview of the bilateral trade relations between New Zealand and Belgium.

Bilateral trade note New Zealand (January 2024)
In addition to general information about, for example, GDP, inflation, the number of inhabitants, global imports and exports, the unemployment rate, etc., this bilateral trade note also contains an analysis of bilateral trade with New Zealand, as well as an overview of the main import and export sections.


  • Bilateral trade sheet New Zealand

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  • Bilateral trade note New Zealand (January 2024)

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Economic study New Zealand (October 2012)

Because of its geographical isolation, New Zealand is home to very special fauna and flora, much of which is endemic. It is not only New Zealand's great biodiversity that is important, but also its primary sector, whether it be fishing, farming, forestry or natural energy resources, that is flourishing.

Over the last 20 years, the government has succeeded in transforming this agriculturally, geographically and economically isolated New Zealand into an industrialised economy with free trade. Like many other Anglo-Saxon countries since the 1990s, New Zealand experienced a period of very strong growth during the 2000s. This lasted until the global economic crisis, during which the decline of the New Zealand economy was relatively limited.

However, it is not only the natural resources and the primary sector that are important: New Zealand can also count on an internationally recognised film industry, without forgetting the importance of the construction and infrastructure sector.

During the economic mission to New Zealand, which was chaired by HRH Prince Philip from 27 to 30 November 2012, special attention was paid to these sectors.

This study was realised on the occasion of the Belgian economic mission to New Zealand in November 2012.

Document only available in French and Dutch.

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